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We offer you non-destructive testing for your components or series products

Automotive, aerospace, medical technology, electronics, consumer goods – every industry has its own manufacturing processes.

Every industry also has other potential defects inside a component that need to be discovered. Whether an aluminum casting is to be checked for voids or a contact is in the right place.

We screen your products and product parts quickly, reliably and cost-effectively with our high-quality X-ray equipment. From the inspection of internal defects to the dimensional measurement technology of internal structures to the microstructure analysis of materials.

We make it possible with your easy and fast access to our service and testing facilities.

Test focus

  • Blowholes

    Blowholes are cavities or air bubbles in cast parts made of aluminum, titanium or plastics. They can weaken the structure of a part or lead to a poor surface before or after machining.

  • Inclusions or foreign bodies

    By checking for foreign bodies or inclusions in your products, you protect yourself against complaints and product recalls.

  • Fractures and cracks

    Ensure your components have been manufactured without cracks or breaks, you should subject them to a reliable quality control using our X-ray inspection.

  • Deformations

    Complex and thin structures of components or products in particular can easily deform during manufacture.

  • Density

    With high-resolution X-ray equipment, we can also accurately measure density differences in materials. And not only in solids, but also in liquids.

  • Positioning

    With the help of X-ray inspection, we check the correct positioning of the individual parts of complex components from many industries.

  • General visual inspection

    As part of comprehensive quality assurance, in addition to the X-ray inspection, we also carry out the visual inspection of your products or product parts.

  • Painting and art work

    With the X-ray analysis, art and cultural objects such as paintings can be examined in detail without destroying or impairing them.

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