High-resolution, high-precision and high-speed X-ray systems made in Germany. We are not just a manufacturer. We are delivering solutions, services and supports.

Turn-key Solution

Designed to provide exceptional image quality while minimizing the radiation exposure, our systems empower industrial sectors and other professionals to make accurate measurements with confidence.

X-ray as a Service

Offering X-ray as a Service allows customers to avoid the upfront costs associated with purchasing and maintaining X-ray equipment, and allow you to scale your services based on actual needs.

Software Development

Elevate your capabilities with our cutting-edge X-ray software solutions. We are at the forefront of innovation in radiology, crafting software that transforms the way industrial experts visualize and analyze X-ray images

Featured products

REX-CELL™ C-Series

REX-CELL™ U-Series

REX-CELL™ U-Series

REX-CELL™ Ex-Series


REX-CELL™ L-Series


Industrial THREE-PHASE densitometer

  • No permanent radioactive source

  • Three-phase enabled

  • Low cost and compact

  • high accuracy


We offer you non-destructive testing for your components or your series products

  • Order online

  • Shipping to us

  • X-ray scan and imaging

  • Download images and raw data

  • Item shipping back

  • Finished

From ordering to delivery, Easy, Fast and Reliable

X-ray testing of prototypes or series production? You name it and we make it.

Our services

Radiation safety control

We check the level of radiations of your X-ray facility and provide certification service. In case the radiation is over limit, we help you shield it.

ONSITE X-ray service

We have on-road X-ray system which can be installed at your place for fast-track service.

X-ray OnLease

Our X-ray systems are available for leasing out to your place. Training and QA are included

Old system upgrade

To save your CAPEX, our specialists can help you upgrade your old X-ray systems with the modern hardware and software

Engineering design

Our highly experienced engineers can help you find the optimum solution to your product design

Technical support

We provide technical support to ensure the successful operation of your flow measurement facilities



Our strong expertise and know-how on Multiphase Flow Measurements and X-ray Technologies ensure a successful design, production, commission and integration of our REX-CELL™ systems.

Certified Experience

Our proven track records and strong experience assure that our products can achieve a wide range of applications.

Great Support

We provide support to secure your successful uses of our products. Moreover, we also support your data analysis by providing necessary DLL plugins and specially programmed algorithms.

Made in Germany

Our products are made in Germany and labelled with the highest manufacturing quality and finest engineering process.

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