High-resolution, high-precision and high-speed X-ray systems made in Germany. We are not just a manufacturer. We are delivering solutions, services and supports.

Who should use?

We strive to work with a broad range of customers who need to quantify and monitor transports of multiple fluids in detail and accurately, such as

  • Universities, research institutes
  • Gas and oil industry
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Food, pharmaceutical and other process plants

Transport fluids can be

  • Gas
  • Liquid (oil and/or water)
  • Solid (sand, hydrate and particles)

What is measured?

A plethora of parameters can be captured, qualitatively and quantitatively, by our systems in measuring complex multiphase flows, including but not limited:

  • Axial and cross-sectional phase distributions
  • Time series data
  • Flow regime
  • Interface structure
  • 3D visualization
  • Gas and(or) liquid entrainment
  • Water/liquid accumulation
  • Slug and wave characteristics (frequency and length etc.)

Why choose us?

Our systems are superior to conventional instruments in many respects, which ultimately bring you the power to visualize, analyse and quantify flows with typical advantages as follows

  • Non-intrusive, non-isotopic
  • Minimum HSE and logistic concerns
  • Turn-key solution with built-in data analysis
  • Real-time and extremely fast
  • High precision and high resolution
  • Comprehensive range of functionalities
  • Fast and detailed measurements
  • See the unseen
  • Flexible designs to suit all applications

Product series

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