Xray-INLINE™: A real-time, inline, turn-key solution to fit your production line

  • Integrated with cutting-edge TDI detectors

    Various TDI detectors are for your choice, which match your requirements.

  • Extra wide scanning area

    Able to scan object up to 4 m width

  • Built-in advanced anomaly detection

    Scanning the object and analyzing the image in real-time. Identifying the focus object or anomalies per users demands with advanced pattern recogniation algorithm

  • Enabled with Auto-Calibration

    No need for users to disrupt the production process. System can automatically calibrate the images and correct any drift due to change of material or temperature.

  • Ready to connect with secure interface

    Results can be shared to third party EMS system, being interfaced with common protocols like REST API and MODBUS.

Key features

Penetration and Absorption:

  • Able to emit X-rays with sufficient energy to penetrate various thicknesses of sheet material commonly used in production.
  • Designed to accurately measure the absorption of X-rays by the sheet material, allowing for the detection of variations in density and thickness.

Differential Absorption and Contrast:

  • Able to differentiate between areas of varying X-ray absorption within the sheet material, providing clear contrast to identify defects.
  • Produce X-ray images with sufficient contrast to visually distinguish defects, such as air voids, foreign particles, and thickness variations, from the surrounding material.

Detection and Imaging:

  • Utilize a reliable detector system capable of accurately capturing transmitted X-rays and converting them into electrical signals.
  • Generate high-quality digital X-ray images with precise representation of material density and defect presence.

Image Processing and Analysis:

  • Able to employ basic image processing algorithms to enhance image quality, minimizing noise and artifacts.
  • Incorporate robust image analysis techniques to automatically identify and characterize defects according to user-defined criteria.

Integration and Automation:

  • Seamlessly integrate into the production line, with features for synchronization with the movement of sheet materials.
  • Include automation functionalities, such as conveyor speed control and alarm triggering, to provide real-time feedback and intervention based on detected defects.
  • Integrated with data acquisition and management systems is essential for logging, analysing, and reporting inspection results to support quality control efforts.

Intuitive software with customization capability and versatile specs

Dimension2.7 m Width × 1.5 m Height × 1.3 m Depth
WEIGHT400-500 kg (depending on the size of the product to scan)
Power input220-230 VAC, 16 A, 50-60 Hz
Scanning speed0.178 – 10 meter per min
Typical object thickness10 mm (other thickness available on request)
Max object width4 meters
Image resolution size48 µm/pixel without pixel binning
96 µm/pixel at 2×2 binning
X-ray sourceMultiple integrated X-ray sources: max power of 500W per source, X-ray energy: 40 – 100 kV, current: 1–12.5 mA
SoftwareXrayINLINE™ 1.4
Ambient environmentIndoor application at ambient T of +10 – +50 C
Control systemSecurity key switch, push button and software activation
InstallationIndoor (IP56 available on request)
System coolingWater and air cooled
Supportstandard 12 months
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