Multi-energy X-ray imaging for large objects


  • Universities

  • Research institutes

  • Industry R&D sectors

Key features

  • Options

    Number of Detectors : 1 or 2

    Size of Cabinet : Large

    Operation Mode : Local

  • Assembly configuration

    1 source and 1 detector in horizontal setup (1XH)

    1 source and 1 detector in vertical setup (1XV)

    2 sources and 2 detectors (2X)


Dimension2.6 m Width × 2.6 m Height × 6 m Depth
Weight2000 – 2500 kg
Power input220-230 VAC, 10 A, 50/60 Hz (1500 W max power consumption)
Detector* recording speed
*Other types of detectors available on request
191 fps at 4×4 binning mode (300 um/pixel)
155 fps at 2×2 binning mode (150 um/pixel)
59 fps without binning (75 um/pixel)
Detector size1000 mm × 0.8 mm (panel detectors are also available)
Other sizes available on request
Detector sensorHigh efficiency, GADOX, NDT
Spatial resolutionMaximum 75 um without binning
Minimum 300 um at 4×4 binning
Work temperatureIndoor room temperature
Max humidity80% (no condensation)
Control systemSecurity key switch, push button and software activation
Heating and coolingHeating: Electric heater
Cooling: Air cooled
SoftwareFlowDIARY™ 4.0
PC specsDell workstation T5810: Intel i7, 32 GB RAM, 500G SSD, 4TB HDD, WIN 7/10 64bits
Storage Temperature-10 – +50 C
Storage humidity10 – 90% (no condensation)
Health, safety and environmentConform with all the regulations for the use of industrial X-ray systems and is approved by European and local authorities
Training and supportAll training on calibration, operation and data analysis is included
12-month technical support after delivery are included (unlimited hours)
MaintenanceOne major maintenance within the first 12 months is included
Warranty1 year after delivery